Friday, December 30, 2005

But will the MSM notice?

They just might notice this. But they won't be splashing headline stories about who the suspected leakers were and to who. But won't it be nice to see more "journalists" carted off to jail until the spill their guts!

This should be very interesting.

Justice Dept. Opens Domestic Spying Probe
Curious choice of words, the real headline when following the link is "Justice Dept. Probing Domestic Spying Leak". Slight difference.

UPDATE: Looks like the DoJ has also opened an investigation of the leaking of the CIA prisons to the Washington Post.

The Justice Department has also opened a probe into whether classified information was illegally disclosed to The Washington Post, which reported on a network of secret CIA prisons in Eastern Europe and elsewhere.

How nice of the Washington Post to mention that they are being investigated in the body of an article about the New York Times being investigated.

More info at Macsmind and Michelle Malkin is also following.

Lots more info also at Flopping Aces

Thursday, December 29, 2005

This is news? "CIA couple outed by 5-year-old son"

At least in the world of the MSM it is...
HOUSTON (Reuters) - The Washington couple at the heart of the CIA leak investigation had their cover blown by their small son as they tried to sneak away on vacation on Thursday.

"My daddy's famous, my mommy's a secret spy," declared the 5-year-old of his parents, former diplomat Joe Wilson and retired CIA operative Valerie Plame.

Stories like this get major play while who leaked crucial information regarding the NSA surveillance program the MSM could care less about. As long as it damages Bush it doesn't matter how many lives it has or will save.

Linda Chavez says they belong behind bars, I agree.

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Chicago Tribune: "Bush didn't lie"

A piece in the Chicago Tribune is sure to warm the cockles of the Sen. Harry Reid, Sen Dick Durbin, Howard Dean and other dems;
On Nov. 20, the Tribune began an inquest: We set out to assess
the Bush administration's arguments for war in Iraq. We have weighed each of
those nine arguments against the findings of subsequent official investigations
by the 9/11 Commission, the Senate Intelligence Committee and others. . . .After reassessing the administration's nine arguments for war, we do not see the conspiracy to mislead that many critics allege.

Friday, December 23, 2005

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Huge weapons cache found in Iraq

Of note in this article is this curious passage;
Still, the plastic around some of the rockets — of Soviet, German and French origins — appeared to be fresh and had not deteriorated as it had on some of the older munitions.

Dems strategy: "We're stupid" Part Deux

So the dems have extended the Patriot Act until June 2006, just 5 months before the mid-term elections.


Please, oh please, filibuster the Patriot Act just 5 months before the mid-terms further proving that you can't be trusted with the nations security.


Thursday, December 15, 2005

Dems strategy: "We're stupid"

On the Iraq war resolution:
"We voted for the Iraq war in 2002, but we didn't really want to. Now we wish we didn't. Sorry but we're stupid"

On pre-war intelligence:
"We looked at the same intellegince that the President, VP and DoD looked at. The same intelligence that every other intelligence agency in the world agreed agreed with. We believed it them but now we know that we should have known it was wrong. Bush lied, yeah thats it. Sorry but we're stupid"

On immediate troop withdrawl from Iraq:
"We want to cut-and-run from Iraq right now, we just won't vote for it. Sorry but we're stupid"

On the NSA eavesdropping program:
"We have been briefed on this program constantly since its inception but we didn't really understand what we were being told and didn't bother to ask any intelligent questions about it. And we didn't think it was worth whining about until our media outlet the NY Times went with the story. Sorry but we're stupid"

On the Democratic Agenda for 2006:
"We will not have an official policy on Iraq, we thinks it better if every member of our caucus goes out and says something different. We think it make us stronger if every member comes across as a blithering idiot. Sorry but we're stupid"

On the Patriot Act:
"We voted for the Patriot Act back in October 2001, hell our leaders were there smiling away as the President signed it. But now we don't think its a good thing so we blocked the extention of it. But we were willing to extend it for 3 months even though we thinks its the worst thing in the history of the world. We don't think its very smart to extend the same measures used to fight drug dealers and murders to fighting terrorism. Sorry but we're stupid"

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

A Charlie Brown Christmas

A great read in the USA Today about one of my favorite Christmas specials, "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

Does the NY Times even read their own stories?

The NY Times reports that Iraqi border guards stopped a tanker truck filled with forged ballots. This report is based one ONE unnamed Iraqi official;
BAGHDAD, Iraq, Dec. 13 - Less than two days before nationwide elections, the Iraqi border police seized a tanker on Tuesday that had just crossed from Iran filled with thousands of forged ballots, an official at the Interior Ministry said.

The tanker was seized in the evening by agents with the American-trained border protection force at the Iraqi town of Badra, after crossing at Munthirya on the Iraqi border, the official said. According to the Iraqi official, the border police found several thousand partly completed ballots inside.

The head of Iraqi border guards denies the report say it is all lies designed to call in to question the election;
BAGHDAD (Reuters) - The head of Iraq's border guards denied police reports on Wednesday that a tanker truck stuffed with thousands of forged ballot papers had been seized crossing into Iraq from Iran before Thursday's elections.

"This is all a lie," said Lieutenant General Ahmed al-Khafaji, the chief of the U.S.-trained force which has responsibility for all Iraq's borders.

"I heard this yesterday and I checked all the border crossings right away. The borders are all closed anyway," he told Reuters.

Iraq's frontiers are closed for the period of the election.

"I contacted all the border crossing points and there was no report of any such incident," Khafaji said.

Now aside from the Iraqis denying the report, can some explain to me exactly how a tanker filled with thousands of forged ballots (4 tankers if you believe the NY Times) is going to roll into Iraq's 6000 polling stations, unload the ballots and then deposit them into the ballot boxes, completely unseen and unchallenged by Iraqi military, Iraqi police and US military, and then move on to the next polling station.

Yeah, right!

Come on! Does the NY Times even read the stories their reporters submit? I mean think about, tankers filled with ballots! It's laughable. Are they going to pump the ballots into the ballot boxes?

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

That's not what the president said...

It's interesting how when the president is asked this question;
Since the inception of the Iraqi war, I'd like to know the approximate total of Iraqis who have been killed. And by Iraqis I include civilians, military, police, insurgents, translators.

And gives this answer;
How many Iraqi citizens have died in this war? I would say 30,000, more or less, have died as a result of the initial incursion and the ongoing violence against Iraqis. We've lost about 2,140 of our own troops in Iraq.

The press runs with this headline;
"Bush says 30,000 Iraqi civilians dead in war"
And gets away with it!

I will follow up with the flood of corrections that are sure to follow!

UPDATE: Well what'dya know, the misleading headline has been corrected. To see the before and after images go to Michele Malkin.

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas..."

Another wonderful display of Christmas spirit by Joel Krupnik and his wife Mildred Castellanos who live at East 18th Street in Manhattan.
This 'tis-the-season-to be-creepy display - which has drawn no small amount of community ire - can be found in the front yard of Joel Krupnik, 58, and his wife, Mildred Castellanos, 43, who said they are protesting the commercialization of the Yule season.

In another touch of Christmas jeer, the Santa dummy is standing behind a tree whose bare branches are adorned with beheaded Barbie dolls.

"Christmas has religious origins. It's in the Bible. Santa is not in the Bible. He's not a religious symbol. Santa Claus has become a piece of Americana," Krupnik explained yesterday.

Well Joel, you are an imbecile, Santa Claus comes from Saint Nicholas, The Patron Saint of Giving or The Patron Saint of Children.
Why is the St. Nicholas Center Important?

St. Nicholas, lover of the poor and patron saint of children, is a model of how Christians are meant to live. As priest and bishop, Nicholas put Jesus Christ at the center of his life and ministry. His concern for children and others in need or danger expressed a love for God which points toward Jesus, the source of true caring and compassion. Embracing St. Nicholas customs can help recover the true center of Christmas—the birth of Jesus.

Understanding St. Nicholas as the original and true holiday gift-giver also helps shift focus to giving rather than getting, compassion rather than consumption, need rather than greed. This can help restore balance to increasingly materialistic and stress-filled Advent and Christmas seasons.

St. Nicholas is beloved throughout the world and continues to be revered in Christian tradition, especially as protector and patron of children in the West and as Wonderworker in the East. The St. Nicholas Center aims to bring Roman Catholic, Episcopal, Orthodox, and Protestant Christians together in common purpose—to help people understand and appreciate the original St. Nicholas, the only real Santa Claus.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Lynn Swann to seek GOP nomination for PA Governor

I knew I always liked Lynn Swann, well except when he was always beating my then favorite team the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl with all of those acrobatic catches. I guess I can forgive him for that. So how long before Chucky Schumer obtains Swann's personal financial information?

This is free speech? No, this is just stupid!

Ok, something needs to be done about people that abuse their right to free speech in order to do moronic, idiotic, pathetic things like this! I suggest that we let this gentleman know exactly what we think of his Christmas display.

His name and address as reported by WKMG TV;

Ron Stroia
555 West 50th Street
Miami Beach, Florida

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

And the beat goes on...

It seems that John Kerry's spokesman has taken exception to Rush Limbaugh and Ken Mehlman's accurate take on Kerry calling US soldiers terrorists on CBS's Face The Nation this past Sunday. In case you forgot what Kerry said;
SCHIEFFER: "Democrat Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut, he takes a very different view, Senator Kerry. He says basically that we should stay the course, because he says real progress is being made. He says, 'This is a war between 27 million Iraqis who want freedom and 10,000 terrorists.' He says we're in a watershed transformation. What about that?"

JOHN KERRY: I don't agree with that. But I think what we need to do is recognize what we all agree on, which is, you've got to begin to set benchmarks for accomplishment; you've got to begin to transfer authority to the Iraqis, and there is no reason, Bob, that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the -- of -- of -- of -- historical customs, religious customs, whether you like it or not. Iraqis should be doing that.

That last part is classic, Iraqi's should be doing the terrorizing, according to Kerry.

A statement from Kerry's spokesman David Wade;
'Ken Mehlman’s filthy and shameful lie about a decorated combat veteran is disgraceful. Political hack Ken Mehlman and draft dodging, donut eating Rush Limbaugh have something in common. Neither of them know anything about how to make American troops safe. John Kerry will continue to speak out about how to succeed in Iraq and protect brave American troops'...

A little touchy, I think. And what would Kerry's position be? Cut and run, of course. But that's what he calls a strategy for victory. Hard to believe that Kerry said this on March 20, 2003;
WASHINGTON, DC – Senator John Kerry issued the following statement in response to the commencement of military strikes in Iraq:

“It appears that with the deadline for exile come and gone, Saddam Hussein has chosen to make military force the ultimate weapons inspections enforcement mechanism. If so, the only exit strategy is victory, this is our common mission and the world’s cause. We're in this together. We want to complete the mission while safeguarding our troops, avoiding innocent civilian casualties, disarming Saddam Hussein and engaging the community of nations to rebuild Iraq.”

Murtha takes it on the chin from....Murtha?

Looks like Rep John Murtha is confused as reported by Mickey Kaus;
Murtha vs. Murtha: Rep. Murtha on the prospects of an Iraqi civil war:

[T]here's a civil war going. We're caught in between a civil war right now. Our troops are the targets of the civil war. They're the only people that could have unified the various factions in Iraq. And they're unified against us. --ABC's This Week, 12/4/05

[W]hy should I believe what the CIA says about what's happening in Iraq, that there's going to be a civil war? First of all, al Qaeda was wrong. It was wrong on the nuclear stuff. It was wrong on everything they have said over there. So why should I believe that there's going to be a civil war? -- same show, a few moments later.

And yet again;
[T]he military won a military victory. They got rid of Saddam Hussein. ...[snip] ... Now, it's got to be a political win. They have to win this politically. The Iraqis themselves. We'll stay there forever. The Iraqis are never going to say turn it over. We can't allow them to say when it's gonna turn it over.--This Week, 12/4/05

You're gonna see the Iraqis clamoring. Listen, anybody we support in Iraq loses the election. And so they're gonna be clamoring for us to get out. -- same show, a few moments later.

Ok, fine...


I don't know what to make of this but to say I wonder how long before Hillary caves and starts demanding an immediate withdrawl and timetable. It is interesting though.
WASHINGTON - Anti-war activists furious with Sen. Hillary Clinton are vowing to bird-dog her everywhere she goes, starting with a swanky Manhattan fund-raiser tonight.
Clinton's letter last week clarifying her position on Iraq - which included rejecting a timetable for withdrawal - fanned the anger of some war opponents, who decided to launch a campaign against New York's junior senator.

"We're calling it Bird-Dog Hillary," said Medea Benjamin of the peace group Codepink.

I love how the Daily News describes Code Pink as "the peace group." Too bad they couldn't add to that the fact that the raised $600,000 for "the other side" in Fallujah. They claim it was for displaced residents in Fallujah, a town that had been completely taken over by the terrorists and that the US military took back. Code Pink also is the group that has planted themselves outside Walter Reed Army Hospital protesting the soldiers inside receiving treatment. Very classy.

Why they lose...and will keep losing.

Howard Dean interviewed yesterday said;
(SAN ANTONIO) -- Saying the "idea that we're going to win the war in Iraq is an idea which is just plain wrong," Democratic National Chairman Howard Dean predicted today that the Democratic Party will come together on a proposal to withdraw National Guard and Reserve troops immediately, and all US forces within two years.

Makes you proud to be an American, doesn't it?

Time's "non-Person of the Year" leaked

Time's "Person of the Year" has leaked out(via Betsy Newmark), and its a good thing because it is one of the stupidest and lamest choices ever. So much so that maybe now that its leaked they will see the negative reaction and change it. I absolutely hate when they choose a thing or non-person over a real and deserving individual. It's a wimpy lame move on their part to avoid controversy. Also leaking out is Sports Illustrated's "Sportsman of the Year" and both are revealed in the article linked above, so you are warned.

How they leaked is hysterical. Employees from the PR firm contracted by Time and SI placed bets at an online sportsbook for the max amount. The sportsbook got suspicious and suspended betting.

Monday, December 05, 2005

John Kerry: US Soldiers=terrorists

John Kerry again demonstrates why he lost the election in 2004;
SCHIEFFER: All right. Let me shift to another point of view, and it comes from another Democrat, Senator Joe Lieberman of Connecticut. He takes a very different view. He says basically we should stay the course because, he says, real progress is being made. He said this is a war between 27 million Iraqis who want freedom and 10,000 terrorists. He says we're in a watershed transformation. What about that?
Sen. KERRY: Let me--I--first of all, there is so much more that unites Democrats than divides us. And Democrats have much more in common with each other than they do with George Bush's policy right now. Now Joe Lieberman, I believe, also voted for the resolution which said the president needs to make more clear what he's doing and set out benchmarks, and that the policy hasn't been working. We all believe him when you say, `Stay the course.' That's the president's policy, which hasn't been changing, which is a policy of failure. I don't agree with that. But I think what we need to do is recognize what we all agree on, which is you've got to begin to set benchmarks for accomplishment. You've got to begin to transfer authority to the Iraqis. And there is no reason, Bob, that young American soldiers need to be going into the homes of Iraqis in the dead of night, terrorizing kids and children, you know, women, breaking sort of the customs of the--of--the historical customs, religious customs. Whether you like it or not...


Sen. KERRY: ...Iraqis should be doing that. And after all of these two and a half years, with all of the talk of 210,000 people trained, there just is no excuse for not transferring more of that authority.

NBC "fake but accurate" News

It's simply amazing that the Pentagon is trashed in the MSM for paying Iraqi newspapers to publish what amounts to the truth, and yet its perfectly fine for them to run with stories provided by the likes of al-Jeezera that are meant to have a demoralizing effect on our troops and population.

I guess when you do it for free its ok...see here.

Friday, December 02, 2005

The MSM's real problem...

...all of the news stories in the Iraqi newspapers paid for by the Pentagon is that its all fact based and pro-American.
Though the articles are basically factual, they present only one side of events and omit information that might reflect poorly on the U.S. or Iraqi governments, officials said. Records and interviews indicate that the U.S. has paid Iraqi newspapers to run dozens of such articles, with headlines such as "Iraqis Insist on Living Despite Terrorism," since the effort began this year.

So they are basically the truth, but they don't trash the President and the US Military enough.

LA Times story

From Chicago Tribune: U.S. military paying Iraqi editors to publish propaganda

Reality check, definition of propaganda:
2 : the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person

3 : ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause

Hmm... Ok, so its for trying to promote a cause or to damage an opposing cause. Ok, sounds good to me.

NY Times: Senate Summons Pentagon to Explain Effort to Plant News Stories in Iraqi Media

News flash to the NY Times: We are trying to win you idiots!