Wednesday, February 21, 2007


And some how what Scooter Libby told, thought he told or heard from Tim Russert is more important than what classified documents Sandy Berger removed from the National Archives and destroyed in what is quite obviously so far a successful attempt to hide his incompetence and that of the Clinton administration;
The commission's former general counsel, Dan Marcus, now an American University law professor, separately expressed surprise at how little the Justice Department told the commission about Berger and said it was "a little unnerving" to learn from the congressional report exactly what Berger reviewed at the Archives and what he admitted to the FBI -- including that he removed and cut up three copies of a classified memo.

"If he took papers out, these were unique records, and highly, highly classified. Had a document not been produced, who would have known?" Brachfeld said in an interview. "I thought [the 9/11 Commission] should know, in current time -- in judging Sandy Berger as a witness . . . that there was a risk they did not get the full production of records."

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