Monday, May 14, 2007

Protecting John Doe

It will be interesting to see who supports this bill and who opposes it...(via Michelle Malkin)

WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressmen Stevan Pearce, along with Rep. Peter King and Rep. Bill Shuster, introduced a bill today that would protect those who come forward to report suspicious activity from frivolous civil liability prosecution.

If passed, the bill, known commonly as the 'John Doe' protection legislation, would grant immunity to anyone who alerted transportation security to actions believed to be threatening or to any personnel that "takes reasonable action to mitigate such activity."

"We cannot have Americans thinking twice when it comes matters of national security," said Congressman Pearce. "If a passenger sees something threatening, they should report it immediately and do so without the specter of potential prosecution hanging over their head."

"Alert Americans are often our first and last line of defense in protecting the country from terrorist attacks. They should not face potential prosecution for doing the right thing and coming forward to report suspicious activity.

"It is a sad commentary that this kind of common sense has to be written into law, but we must make it clear to America's enemies that they can not exploit our system of justice."

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