Friday, March 27, 2009

Keith Olbermann attacks Twitter and turns out he IS a twit!

I saw this on This from Media Blog

Keith was not happy about a fake "Keith Olbermann" account created on Twitter that had garnered almost 14,000 followers. He trashed Twitter on his show which is viewed by dozens and gave them his badge of honor, the "Worst Persons In The World" award;

But our winner is Twitter. I told you this was trouble. I find out today that I have 13,900 some odd followers on Twitter. I‘m not on Twitter. I tried to sign up last summer and abandoned the project. I found this out when I got a piece of junk e-mail today, at my address, from some outfit trying to barnacle on to the Twitter process. Though it was my address, it had somebody else‘s name on it, possibly whoever was perpetuating the fraud. The subject line read “Dan Cooper Media, local Tweet request.” And the e-mail began, “hi Dan Cooper Media.”

Who is Dan Cooper and why would he be getting spam e-mail about my fake Twitter account? He is one of the five architects of Fox News. Despite all this, Twitter will not suspend the phony account in my name. Just remember, whoever you think you are following on Twitter, might be them and it might not. Twitter, tonight‘s worst persons in the world.

Then this appeared in the NY Times;
The team does not yet know what the paid service will include, but Mr. Stone said it will likely offer things like analysis of the traffic to businesses’ Twitter profiles and verified accounts so customers know they are talking to the actual business. (That would help businesses avoid the Keith Olbermann mishap earlier this week. Mr. Olbermann named Twitter “the worst person in the world” for allowing a fake account under his name, but it turned out that MSNBC was running the account, unbeknownst to Mr. Olbermann, says Mr. Stone.)

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