Wednesday, June 17, 2009

What happened to cleaning house?

I guess they meant sweeping everything under the rug;
Dems table Pelosi-CIA inquiry

Republicans aren't letting go of the Nancy Pelosi-CIA flap.

This afternoon, the House GOP drafted a privileged resolution that would establish a select subcommittee under the Intelligence Committee to "review and verify the accuracy of the speaker's aforementioned public statements." Democrats quickly tabled the resolution on a 247-171 party line vote. No Democrats crossed party lines to vote with Republicans on this resolution.

Republicans wanted to create a special committee that would be comprised of four members of the Intelligence Committee   two appointed by the chairman and two appointed by the ranking Republican on the panel. The subcommittee would have subpoena power for documents and testimony and be forced to report its findings in 60 calendar days.

Because Republicans packaged this legislation as a privileged resolution, the House was forced to vote on it, but Democrats decided they would back their speaker  many Democrats have dismissed these GOP resolutions as purely political.

I am disappointed that, once again, rank-and-file Democrats have refused to join Republicans in establishing a bipartisan investigation into these serious allegations, Minority Leader John Boehner (R-Ohio) said.

So no inquiry into Dodd, Murtha, Visclosky, Rangel and now Pelosi. It's nice to be king...

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