Monday, August 03, 2009

Obama Joker

The left is going bat-sh*t (get it? bat-sh*t?) over this Obama as Joker poster that is popping up all over the place...


  1. Anonymous5:08 PM

    You know what the difference is between the left and you teabagging rightwing wingnuts? The left is consistent in its criticism from president to president (Obama is receiving plenty of flak for his disgraceful record on civil liberties, back pedalling on war crimes investigations and cozying up to the financial elites) while you lemmings are simply content to attack the sitting president and his wife (and children) if he isn't who you wouldn't prefer. Like de facto party leader Rush Limbaugh said, bi-partisanship to you is "my way or the highway" and you'll just never be content, no matter what the president says. This glaring hypocrisy is nowhere demonstrated as well as here when you a mere year ago were seeing "Bush derangement syndrome" everywhere and now this "blog" (having even less original material or analysis than that regurgitation machine Instapundit) is devoted to a neverending girly screaming tantrum at Obama.

  2. So you are upset about the picture I take it?

    Consistent in criticism? The left? Excuse me while I go vomit...

    And to clear up a couple of things...I have never and would never attack his children. His wife is fair game when she inserts herself into policy.

    And as for "teabagging", my balls are off-limits...

  3. Anonymous8:09 AM

    No, I'm not upset at the picture. I think Obama is already looking like a failure, though naturally to a smaller degree than his predecessor. And at least he gets his sentences and syntax right.

    The fact is that the left IS criticizing Obama for his back-pedalling when the right (along with most of the mainstream, right-leaning Democrats) were in lockstep with Bush's warmongering and trampling of civil liberties.

    And as for the cult of personality, the right was completely in awe of Bush and his artificial macho posturing and transparent photo ops. Chris Matthews, who was so excoriated for his "thrill up his leg" had a creepy man-crush on Bush, for instance. The US media will appear "biased" only to people who are so far to the right, they're almost on the left.

  4. Oh yeah....he was real clear when he said there were 57 states and so on. He's oh so smart when TOTUS is with him. Not so much otherwise. The fringe-kook left is who is criticizing him on Iraq and Gitmo and such. The sane Dems are not. Chris Matthews had a man-crush on Bush? Really?