Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Olbermann guest: Beck and Bachmann trying to get Obama whacked?

And what does Olbermann do?  Does he challenge this nut-bag?  Oh no. Instead he offers his non-agreement endorsement of the idea that not everyone at health care townhalls have this motivation, but some do.  Simply appaling that this guy still is allowed on the air;
"The religious right is fomenting this kind of hatred in this country at our peril," Savage continued. "I really do think that the Michele Bachmanns of the world and the Glenn Becks of the world are actively and consciously, or subconsciously, trying to get - I'm just going to say it, trying to get the president killed. That's why they're setting this up as kill or be killed arguments. He's going to kill your grandma, pull the plug on grandma, death panels that little children have to go in front of."

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