Friday, April 20, 2007

Letters for Harry

Michelle Malkin has the latest batch of letters for Sen. Harry Reid and the White Flag Dems from military service men. Here's one;

We have attack helicopters, the insurgents don't and this unit does not take prisoners. There is no such thing as a fair weather warrior, but you have become a fair weather Senator, a disgrace to our country and a hero to spineless people who will not fight anyone. Let us fight an enemy who will not quit fighting us even if you succeed in pulling us out of this country. The Iraqis overwhelmingly support us as their allies.

What you are saying to the Iraqis is what? "Go to hell."

How dare you say that this war is lost.

You had better thank President Bush for getting rid of Saddam Hussein and insuring that Iraq will not have WMDs for the foreseeable future.

You and Feingold are a piece of work when you assume to direct the commander in chief with your misguided defunding bills. I will follow our President, I will not follow you and your guidance.

Decide to fund the warriors here in Iraq and those lined up to take our place; quit supporting the spineless ones who have bribed you into kissing bin Laden's ass.

SSG Hinz, Daniel
1-82 ARB 25 CAB
COB Speicher

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