Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Iran's response to Obama's year-end deadling for suspend nukes...

A missile test;
Iran says the missiles have a range of almost 1,250 miles (2,000 kilometers). If that’s accurate, the missile brings Moscow, Athens and southern Italy within striking distance from Iran, according to Jane’s Information Group, which provides information on defense issues.

So what will The One do now? Issue a strongly worded letter?  The Jerusalem Post has other thoughts;
Kedar, who served in Military Intelligence for 25 years, said US President Barack Obama was "at peace" with the idea of a nuclear Iran.

"You can tell from how the Americans talk. Look at how [US special envoy] George Mitchell talks, or how Obama talks. I don't see them being pressured by this threat. They have shown no urgent desire to change this reality," he added.

"Obama has given up," Kedar said.

Now that's leadership!

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