Friday, July 24, 2009

Dems finish digging their own graves, now stepping inside...

Not only do the Dems hate conservative Republicans they also hate conservative Democrats, the Blue Dogs;

WASHINGTON (CNN) — Health care negotiations among Democratic leaders and conservative so-called Blue Dog Democrats have reached an impasse, according to members of Congress on both sides of the talks.


As a result, Democratic leaders are moving towards bypassing conservatives in their own party and holding a House health care vote over their objections.


  1. Anonymous7:43 PM

    So, if the Democrats are the Democrats, what are the Blue Dogs? I mean, Democrats hate America already, now they're filled with hate for Blue Dog Democrats?

    You better get your hate straight... So you're with the Republicrats and you hate the Democricans, and you still have hate to spare for the NOT BLUE DOG Democrats... Man, that's an awesome amount of hate.

  2. Hey Static! Long time no crazy talk! I would try and explain the difference but you ain't worth the time and effort! So I will leave the mystery of Blue Dogs to you....

  3. Ya can't visit the circus til you know its in town. Maybe he's been wandering til the show had been found.

    (not a taupin line...just mine) :)

  4. Crazy spending Dems/Rep = bad
    Fiscally responsible Dems/Rep = good