Tuesday, July 07, 2009

A sad day for America


  1. and, a sad attempt at political programming.
    I'm sure the people of Minnesota know that.

  2. and finally, a nod to a Senator with class and civility, who strolled over to shake his hand, Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, gave Franken a bear hug.
    Contrast this with a sub ( Mark Belling) for Rush monday, who said of Franken..."he looks like the face of death". I'm sure Ann Coulter would be tickled with that, but it won't help win over many Americans.

  3. Al Franken from 1996, a real classy individual;

    A passage from a book by comedian and Minnesota Democratic Senate candidate Al Franken describes one prominent conservative being shot in the head and another soliciting a prostitute, among other graphic images.

    The chapter, a satirical short story, portrays the cowardly and bumbling actions of several conservative commentators deployed as a squad to Vietnam. Titled "Operation Chickenhawk," it was included in Franken's 1996 book Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot and Other Observations as a scathing rebuttal to conservative criticisms of then-President Bill Clinton's draft dodging.

    In the passage, Franken jokes about conservative author Bill Bennett getting shot in the head and the effect it had on columnist George Will, whom Franken calls "Stoner" and portrays as being addicted to acid.

    "First day in 'Nam, Stoner saw a buddy get greased," Franken writes. "Guy named Bill Bennett. Got it right in the eyes. Stoner tried to plug the hole, came up holding a handful of goop that used to be Bennett's brain. It was pretty grotesque, bizarre and grotesque to be honest. Stoner hasn't been the same since."

    Former Republican Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich, another member of the squad, is portrayed reminiscing about an encounter with a prostitute at a Saigon bar. After the woman profanely offers him sex, Gingrich asks her to do "terrible things" to him.

    Other highlights include radio host Rush Limbaugh continually soiling himself with fear, former Republican Senator Phil Gramm shooting Oliver North in the back when North demands that the squad attack a band of Viet Cong, and columnist Pat Buchanan making a homosexual advance on Newt Gingrich.

  4. I haven't read the book, but heres a review/comment from a reader:
    "It's too bad the satire seems to be lost on some people. The point of the book is that Franken is using the same methods that Rush Limbaugh & co. use in a _satirical_ fashion in order to expose these methods as ridiculous. Take his "interview" with Rush Limbaugh, modeled after the latter's "interview" with Hillary Clinton. Yes, obviously it's quite easy to come up with the same sort of "interview" with Al Franken, but that doesn't do much to hurt his case. The point of the Rush Limbaugh interview isn't so much to make Rush admit that he is indeed a big fat idiot by taking his words out of context as to make fun of the idea of such an interview as a cheap shot with which you can make anyone say anything. So you can't really use Franken's methods against him to make him out to be a hypocrite, because the basis of the book is a humorous refutation of those very methods".

    My point of course was about a radio pundit saying what he said about Franken. And we know one persons comedy is anothers insult.

  5. Ah excuse me but "Rush Limbaugh and company" do not talk about or describe shooting liberal political or media figures...but I guess when a lib talks about shooting a conservative is just a barrel of laughs!