Thursday, March 31, 2005

He wouldn't even let the parents in...

Michael Shiavo would not allow Terri Shiavo's parents to be present in the hospice room when the daughter finally lost her battle for life. Just a total disgrace on all fronts as far as I am concerned. What would have been wrong with allowing this woman to live on while the parents and the "husband" continued on in the courts. It just makes absolutely no sense to me at all why the "husband" would not hand over guardianship to the parents who wanted to continue caring for their daughter. Unless he had a reason why he did not want her ability to communicate restored. Was he hiding something? And why does he want her cremated? I know he has agreed to an autopsy but lets see if that really happens.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Say It Ain't So! College Faculties A Most Liberal Lot, Study Finds

And the Washington Post reports this shocking news that is a shock only to their clueless staff...

Monday, March 28, 2005

Elton @ MSG NY 9/24

Yes! Took a chance and waited for a third show to be added, happened today and got tickets...Now please don't drop "Bite Your Lip" from the set list...

Oh yeah, Happy Birthday to me!

No need for anymore info..

Very sad...

It's a sad, sad situation, here

Another quake in Indonesia

If you are vacationing in Indonesia, or just make it your home, you may want to high-tail it out of there,
click here.

Name/content change and Turning Out The Lights...

I decided to rename and relaunch this blog with the topic being anything I feel like talking about, Elton or anything else...

And as for Elton, looks like "Turn Out The Lights When You Leave" is going to be the third single from Peachtree Road here in the US, but not until after "All That I'm Allowed" continues its uneventful chart run. Still the import single does have 3 more non-album tracks.

CD 1:
1. Turn The Lights Out When You Leave (Radio Edit)
2. Things Only Get Better With Love

CD 2:
1. Turn The Lights Out When You Leave
2. How's Tomorrow
3. Peter's Song