Friday, August 25, 2006

Ray Nagin - idiot!

Byron Pitts of CBS was questioning Ray Nagin, mayor of New Orleans, that the post Katrina cleanup was taking too long. After pointing out specific storm damage Nagin shot back;
“That’s alright. You guys in New York can’t get a hole in the ground fixed and it’s five years later. So let’s be fair.“


Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The coming Democratic landslide!

From The Corner;

Republicans appear to be narrowing the Democratic lead in Congressional preference. In new Gallup poll, Democrats hold a two percentage-point lead — the smallest in a year. In answer to the question, "If the elections for Congress were being held today, which party's candidate would you vote for in your Congressional district?" 47 percent of said the Democratic candidate, while 45 percent said the Republican candidate. That two-point gap is far smaller than 51-40 Democratic advantage just three weeks ago. In June, the Democratic advantage was 54-38; in April, it was 54-39; in March, it was 55-39; in February, it was 50-43; in January, it was 49-43; in October 2005, it was 50-43; and in August 2005, it was 53-41.

All those numbers are drawn from registered voters. Among people described as "regular voters" — according to Gallup, "registered voters who say they 'always vote' and who say they voted in the last mid-term election," in the new poll, Democrats and Republicans are tied, 48-48.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Bush @ 42% in CNN and USA Today/Gallup polls

Bush on the rise again...See John Podhoretz's column in the NY Post.
The drumbeat is constant: We haven't seen numbers like this since 1994, when the GOP swept into power. Or even: We haven't seen numbers like this since the slaughter of Republicans in 1974, in the wake of Watergate.

After all, everybody is certain that, after Election Day, Democrats will hold a majority of governorships for the first time in six years. Surely the Republican reckoning in Washington is at hand. Surely . . . surely . . .

Don't be so sure.

The chief evidence Washington wise men are using to adduce an upcoming earthquake derives from some very unfavorable polling. President Bush's approval rating is only 37 percent, according to the Real Clear Politics average of all major polls. That's about the same number recorded for the GOP in the "generic ballot" question - where pollsters ask whether people intend to vote for a Republican or a Democrat, without offering a candidate's name.

Plus, the "right track-wrong track" numbers - based on whether people say the country is on the right or wrong track - are running nearly 70 percent against the current direction.

But there are real questions about the validity of this kind of polling, not only as window on coming events, but also as a political indicator altogether. First, there's the question of who is being polled. Midterm elections feature very low turnout - nationally, somewhere around 30 percent. Those are very committed voters, what pollsters call "likely voters."

It's very expensive and very difficult to try and poll only "likely voters" during a non-presidential election, and most polling firms don't even bother. Most polls this year don't even screen for people who describe themselves as "registered voters."

So these polls may reflect real public anger, but they're highly questionable as a gauge for what voters will do.

Blogburst: Fox News crew still missing

Fox New's Steve Centanni and his cameraman Olaf Wiig are still missing in Gaza after being kidnapped by unknown terrorists over a week ago. The MSM has been mostly silent on the story. Perhaps because there is nothing to report. However I agree with Michelle Malkin, no news is news. We were given constant updates on Bob Woodruff and his cameraman Doug Vogt 's condition. When CBS reporter Kimberly Dozier was seriously injured and her colleagues killed we were kept informed, as well we should be. I don't think its much to ask for the MSM to let us know what is happening with the Fox News people.

For more see TV Newser, Johnny Dollar and Inside Cable News.