Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Congressman Peter King on Hardball kicks Chris Matthews ass.

It was not pretty, but enjoyable. Click here to read the transcipt of listen to the audio of Congressman Peter King's "match" with Chris Matthews over at RadioBlogger.

Proceed with caution, you've been warned.

Some things should remain unseen.

If you would like to have your eyes burned out of their sockets go here to see some of Mama Sheehan's followers.

You have been warned!

The media lied and the poor agonized!

It seems the media is beginning to pick up on the story that the New Orleans Times-Picayune ran on Monday about the frenzied and inaccurate reporting of murder and rapes at the Superdome and Convention Center in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This from the LA Times;
BATON ROUGE, La. — Maj. Ed Bush recalled how he stood in the bed of a pickup truck in the days after Hurricane Katrina, struggling to help the crowd outside the Louisiana Superdome separate fact from fiction. Armed only with a megaphone and scant information, he might have been shouting into, well, a hurricane.

The National Guard spokesman's accounts about rescue efforts, water supplies and first aid all but disappeared amid the roar of a 24-hour rumor mill at New Orleans' main evacuation shelter. Then a frenzied media recycled and amplified many of the unverified reports.
"It just morphed into this mythical place where the most unthinkable deeds were being done," Bush said Monday of the Superdome.

His assessment is one of several in recent days to conclude that newspapers and television exaggerated criminal behavior in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, particularly at the overcrowded Superdome and Convention Center.

The New Orleans Times-Picayune on Monday described inflated body counts, unverified "rapes," and unconfirmed sniper attacks as among examples of "scores of myths about the dome and Convention Center treated as fact by evacuees, the media and even some of New Orleans' top officials."

Indeed, Mayor C. Ray Nagin told a national television audience on "Oprah" three weeks ago of people "in that frickin' Superdome for five days watching dead bodies, watching hooligans killing people, raping people."

Better late than never I guess...Of course will the media trumpet this information as much as the did all of the rumors. Of course not!
Times-Picayune Editor Jim Amoss cited telephone breakdowns as a primary cause of reporting errors, but said the fact that most evacuees were poor African Americans also played a part.

"If the dome and Convention Center had harbored large numbers of middle class white people," Amoss said, "it would not have been a fertile ground for this kind of rumor-mongering."

Doesn't that make the media racist?

Journalists and officials who have reviewed the Katrina disaster blamed the inaccurate reporting in large measure on the breakdown of telephone service, which prevented dissemination of accurate reports to those most in need of the information. Race may have also played a factor.

So the fact that there was no telephone service means that all journalistic practices such as confirmation of stories, fact checking, go out the window and is replaced by reporting of unconfirmed and unsubstantiated atrocities such as a rape and murder of a 7 year in the Superdome or finding an infant in the trash or bodies stacked in the Superdome basement. How about Aaron Broussard's September 4th appearance on Meet The Press and his now competely discredited account of the death of his colleague's mother. All of this breathless, inaccurate reporting did nothing but fuel the negative reaction to the already slow federal response to the disaster.

As more and more of these reports come out debunking all of these myths and rumors about the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina that were reported as fact, the media has a lot answer for. The question is who will hold them accountable?

The view from the other side...

The picture that you will see in the media from the Saturday anti-American protest in Washington DC;

And the view from behind;

Geez, were all of the protesters photo-journalists?? Do you see an actual protester in those pictures?

Monday, September 26, 2005

Mama Moonbat upset that Rita upstaged her...

Yes I kid you not, Cindy Sheehan was upset that CNN had the gall to cover the hurricane and push her to the back-burner. It seems her brain-washed followers actually are beginning to see the light;
rita (3.33 / 3)

i am watching cnn and it is 100 percent rita...even though it is a little wind and a little rain...it is bad, but there are other things going on in this country today...and in the world!!!!

by CindySheehan on Sat Sep 24th, 2005 at 06:29:15 PDT
[ Parent ]

Be sure to read the comments, they are priceless.

New Orleans post-Katrina crime, didn't happen!

Michelle Malkin links to a report in the Seattle Times about all the rapes and murders that were alleged to have happened in the Superdome while the evacuees waited for state/local/federal help to arrive. Remember how breathlessly the media reported this "crimes" and decried the lack of response? Well it turns out it was just like any other week in New Orleans;
Orleans Parish District Attorney Eddie Jordan said authorities have only confirmed four murders in the entire city in the aftermath of Katrina — making it a typical week in a city that anticipated more than 200 homicides this year.

After all the grandstanding by the Ted Koppel's of the world we now know this;
The vast majority of reported atrocities committed by evacuees — mass murders, rapes and beatings — have turned out to be false, or at least unsupported by any evidence, according to key military, law-enforcement, medical and civilian officials in positions to know.

"I think 99 percent of it is [expletive]," said Sgt. 1st Class Jason Lachney, who played a key role in security and humanitarian work inside the Dome. "Don't get me wrong — bad things happened. But I didn't see any killing and raping and cutting of throats or anything ... 99 percent of the people in the Dome were very well-behaved."

Dr. Louis Cataldie, the state Health and Human Services Department administrator overseeing the body-recovery operation, said his teams were inundated with false reports.

Someone should let CNN's Soledad O'Brien know;
"It is a sad thing to watch military veterans cry as they tell you the beheadings in Baghdad were less horrific than what they saw as 30,000 people marched from the Superdome through a shopping mall and onto buses to who knows where."

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

"You are stuck on stupid", I love General Honore

This is great stuff, about time someone said this to one of these idiot reporters. Watch here.

Monday, September 19, 2005

MSM embarassed by bloggers AGAIN!

Again the MSM has been caught not doing their job by bloggers. If you remember Aaron Broussard president of Jefferson Parish in New Orleans appearance on Meet The Press with Tim Russert where he broke down in tears over the death of a colleagues mother whom he claimed died due to the slow response of the federal government. Here is a partial transcript of the appearance on Meet The Press;
BROUSSARD: ... The guy who runs this building I'm in, emergency management, he's responsible for everything. His mother was trapped in St. Bernard nursing home and every day she called him and said, "Are you coming, son? Is somebody coming?" And he said, "Yeah, Mama, somebody's coming to get you. Somebody's coming to get you on Tuesday. Somebody's coming to get you on Wednesday. Somebody's coming to get you on Thursday. Somebody's coming to get you on Friday." And she drowned Friday night. She drowned Friday night.

RUSSERT: Mr. President...

BROUSSARD: Nobody's coming to get us. Nobody's coming to get us. The secretary has promised. Everybody's promised. They've had press conferences. I'm sick of the press conferences. For God sakes, shut up and send us somebody.

RUSSERT: Just take a pause, Mr. President. While you gather yourself in your very emotional times, I understand, let me go to Governor Haley Barbour of Mississippi.

Of course thats not how it happened;
New details and interviews with the son whose mother died in the flood show that the tragedy unfolded from Saturday through Monday, Aug. 29 — not Monday through Friday, Sept. 2 as recounted by Broussard. The owners of the nursing home were indicted Tuesday for the deaths of more than 30 residents, which officials say occurred on Aug. 29.

Now how difficult could it have been to simply verify the facts of this story? The bloggers had it figured out last week but it takes until 9/19 for the MSM to finally report the inconsistencies with the story. And of course the MSNBC article fails to mention that Broussard's breakdown occurred after his long and rambling attack on FEMA and the federal government, but of course he had nothing but praise for Governor Kathleen "I don't even know what day it is" Blanco.
But I want to thank Governor Blanco for all she's done and all her leadership. She sent in the National Guard.

Here is where the blogger investigation may have started, via InstaPundit.

It also appears that Broussards accusations that FEMA rejected 3 trucks of water from Wal-mart and that FEMA told the Coast Guard not to dispense fuel to trucks from Jefferson Parish are untrue as well.From RedState.org;
UPDATE: Sharon Weber of Wal-Mart called back. She said that last week, FEMA diverted those water trucks to "another location, which [FEMA] felt was in greater need than where they were headed." Weber emphasized that Wal-Mart would not override any FEMA decisions made in emergency situations. So Broussard, who claimed that Wal-Mart's aid was ourtight rejected, was wrong. Based on Wal-Mart's information, their trucks were taken where FEMA thought they were needed most. It would appear that the same story occurred with the Coast Guard fuel issue. Broussard said that FEMA wouldn't release the fuel to Jefferson Parish - but surely that fuel went somewhere else it was needed. Thanks to Wal-Mart's Sharon Weber for tracking down this information

Bush questions Nagin's repopulation plan

President Bush today raised concerns about Mayor Nagin's plan to repopulate New Orleans. He thinks the mayor is taking things a little too quickly, so do I considering Tropical Storm Rita is a potential danger that could threaten Louisiana later this week;
Bush said there is "deep concern" about the possibility that Tropical Storm Rita, which was headed toward the Florida Keys on Monday, could drop more rain on New Orleans and breach the city's levees again.

Louisiana DHS indicted BEFORE Katrina hit

Maybe when the Dems return to blaming President Bush for cutting funding to New Orleans for levee upgrades they can read this article from none other than the LA Times;
WASHINGTON — Senior officials in Louisiana's emergency planning agency already were awaiting trial over allegations stemming from a federal investigation into waste, mismanagement and missing funds when Hurricane Katrina struck.

And federal auditors are still trying to track as much as $60 million in unaccounted for funds that were funneled to the state from the Federal Emergency Management Agency dating back to 1998.

In March, FEMA demanded that Louisiana repay $30.4 million to the federal government.

The problems are particularly worrisome, federal officials said, because they involve the Louisiana Office of Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness, the agency that will administer much of the billions in federal aid anticipated for victims of Katrina.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Hurricane Rita approaches Florida and the AP comments

Funny how the AP all of a sudden knows what states have the authority to do once they declare a state of emergency;
In Tallahassee, Gov. Jeb Bush declared a state of emergency for Florida, which gives the state authority to oversee evacuations and activate the National Guard, among other powers.

Friday, September 16, 2005

More from the Mental Giant called Cindy Sheehan

From Cindy's lips to your burning ears;
George Bush needs to stop talking, admit the mistakes of his all around failed administration, pull our troops out of occupied New Orleans and Iraq, and excuse his self from power.

Say what? Read the rest if you must here. And a little tip Cindy, proof reading is a good thing;
and excuse his self from power

A funny thing happened on the way to the Astrodome...

ABC News thought it would be a great idea and a great opportunity to get some immediate reaction (Bush bashing) to the President's speech so they dispatched Dean Reynolds to the parking lot of the Astrodome where six African-Americans were watching the Presidents speech. When the President finished Ted Koppell through it to Dean and the rest is history;

Reynolds: “I'd like to get the reaction of Connie London who spent several horrible hours at the Superdome. You heard the President say repeatedly that you are not alone, that the country stands beside you. Do you believe him?”

Connie London: “Yeah, I believe him, because here in Texas, they have truly been good to us. I mean-”

Reynolds: “Did you get a sense of hope that you could return to your home one day in New Orleans?”

London: “Yes, I did. I did.”

Reynolds: “Did you harbor any anger toward the President because of the slow federal response?”

London: “No, none whatsoever, because I feel like our city and our state government should have been there before the federal government was called in. They should have been on their jobs.”

Reynolds: “And they weren't?”

London: “No, no, no, no. Lord, they wasn't. I mean, they had RTA buses, Greyhound buses, school buses, that was just sitting there going under water when they could have been evacuating people.”

View the entire video here via Newsbusters or here via The Political Teen

Thursday, September 15, 2005

We need more of this!

Props to the Tampa Tribune for this new feature they have started called "Voices From The Front" which highlights comments from military personell serving in Iraq. Go here and here for the first few installments.

The latest bogus NYT/CBS Poll

In what is quickly becoming one of my must-read blogs, AnkleBitingPundits tears apart the lastest poll from the NY Times/CBS News for its oversampling of Democrats over Republicans by 10%, 36%-26%. What other reason would the NY Times do this than to come up with the worst numbers possible.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Reuters breaks the story of the YEAR!

Go here to see photo "evidence" of what is sure to receive more attention than Iraq, Hurricane Katrina, Cindy Sheehan and the Judge John Roberts confirmation hearings combined!

Prepare yourselves!

UPDATE: Ok, now that you have recovered enough composure to read on, first did Reuters bother to notice that there appears to be two different handwritings on this alleged note? This question on the page is printed in block letters and the answer is being written by Bush in cursive style. Perhaps someone passed him the note, maybe Sec. of State Condi Rice.

Second why in the world would a camera be allowed to zoom in so close to potentially sensitive documents inside the Security Council or General Assembly?

To my amateur eyes the look of the writing seems suspect to me, it looks too bold, too thick to have been created by a pencil. Maybe the photo was enhanced for readability but it just doesn't look right to me.

And lastly, who gives a crap, no pun intended!

UPDATE: This just in, its a photoshop job. Here's the original note (hat tip LGF);

Blanco is a still confused woman! And Nagin is still making predictions

From an AP article;

Gov. Kathleen Blanco lashed out at the federal government, accusing it of moving too slowly in recovering the bodies. The dead "deserve more respect than they have received," she said.

However, Federal Emergency Management Agency spokesman David Passey said the state asked to take over body recovery last week. "The collection of bodies is not normally a FEMA responsibility," he said

Since Governor Blanco admitted she doesn't even know what day it is this it not surprising.

And then we have this from the Mayor;
On Tuesday, President Bush said he took responsibility for the fitful federal response to the devastation. New Orleans' mayor was asked on ABC's "Good Morning America" if he took responsibility for the city's response.

"I'm going to be a man about this. Whatever I did, whatever I could have done better, I'm going to stand up and history will judge me accordingly," Nagin said in an interview broadcast Wednesday.

"But let's make sure that as we analyze what Ray Nagin as mayor did, let's look at what everybody in authority (did) so that this never happens again in this country."

Ok so he's not really taking responsibilty for anything but he is going to wait and see what history says first. Yep, thats being a man alright.

Here we go AGAIN! The pledge is unconstitutional...for now.

A federal judge in California (where else?) has ruled that reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in public schools is unconstitutional. Yes, we have to go through this yet again!

LaShawn Barber has the answer. And Hugh Hewitt thinks this give President Bush a great opportunity to nominate Judge Michael McConnell for the O'Connor vacancy who is an expert in the religion clauses of the 1st Amendment.

Excuse me, Blanco admits screw up!

Can someone explain why this isn't making news? View the video at The Politcal Teen and decide for yourself.

Flight 93 Memorial design travesty

Michelle Malkin has a great column about the Flight 93 memorial controversy, also go to her site for more.

Please get involved to stop this insult from going forward, here is my email to the Superintendent of the memorial.

To those responsible for this travesty,

How completely inappropriate, insensitive and pathetically PC to the families of the victims of Flight 93 to create a memorial that "embraces" the symbol of the religion of those that murdered, no, slaughtered them on September 11, 2001. It is beyond disgusting that this design was even allowed to be submitted for consideration, much less actually win this supposed competition. Even if this is an innocent coincidence, which is highly questionable after viewing the firm's philosophy on their website, care should have been taken to protect the memory of everyone on Flight 93 considering what has happened (but hopefully thwarted) at the WTC site instead of attempting to invoke some subconscious guilt ridden acceptance/understanding of the murderers and their religion. The very fact that the jury did not want to use the word "embrace" in order to avoid controversy is further proof of the intent of this memorial.

CAIR apparently has already started its defense of the memorial by claiming that Flight 93 was simply "a plane that crashed" in Pennsylvania 9/11/2001. If this memorial goes forward as it is now then that is all that it will be. The memory of Flight 93 needs to be preserved accurately to respect the people who lost their lives while fighting back against those that this memorial wishes to appease.

This needs to be stopped, now!

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Media doing cartwheels over this...

From AP;
"To the extent the federal government didn't fully do its job right, I take responsibility," Bush said.

Here's an idea, lets blame the media too!

Since so many of the self-appointed experts (journalists) on relief response to natural disasters were screaming and yelling at federal officials about the slow response and arrogantly asking them "don't you watch TV" I think maybe its time to lay a little blame on them for all of the inaccurate reporting or unreported news. The WSJ runs an article today doing just that;
The New Orleans office of the National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning at 8:14 a.m. Monday, saying "a levee breach occurred along the industrial canal at Tennessee Street. 3 to 8 feet of water is expected due to the breach." The media largely ignored it. The NWS's source of information was ham-radio transmissions by the Orleans Levee Board, a city-state agency. The 8:14 warning was the last one the local office issued before its communications were cut off. The statement was repeated only once more, at 10:52 a.m., by the National Weather Service office in Mobile, Ala.

Yet some government officials certainly appeared aware of a breach and said so on network television. At 7:33 a.m. on Monday, Aug. 29, Gov. Kathleen B. Blanco said on NBC, "I believe the water has breached the levee system, and is -- is coming in."
In its Aug. 29 online edition, the New Orleans Times-Picayune first reported a breach in the 17th Street Canal levee at 2 p.m., citing City Hall officials. No other major news outlets picked up that report. The newspaper's Web site also reported massive flooding near the Industrial Canal, writing that city officials "fielded at least 100 calls from people in distress in the Lower 9th Ward and eastern New Orleans." At about 2:30, it reported that the Industrial Canal had been breached, citing a National Weather Service report.

But in the hours immediately following the storm, some news organizations seemed to play down the damage in New Orleans. Introducing "World News Tonight" on Aug. 29, anchor Charles Gibson said: "In New Orleans, entire neighborhoods are underwater, but the levees held. The nightmare scenario of an entire city underwater did not happen." A spokeswoman for ABC, a unit of Walt Disney Co., had no comment.

Washington Post/ABC News Poll, playing with the numbers again.

In the new Washington Post/ABC News poll out today President Bush's job approval rating is at 42%, the lowest its been for this poll. The Gallup/USA Today/CNN poll out two days ago had his approval rating at 46%. However, what is interesting is what is NOT mentioned in the Washington Post or ABC News articles about the polls.

If you look at the PDF document available via the ABC News website you find this;
METHODOLOGY This ABC News/Washington Post poll was conducted by
telephone Sept. 8-11, 2005, among a random national sample of 1,201 adults, including an oversample of blacks for a total of 271 black respondents. The results have a threepoint error margin for the full sample, six points for blacks. Sampling, data collection and
tabulation by TNS Intersearch of Horsham, Pa.

And within the ABC News article is this;
These results are from an ABC News/Washington Post poll on Hurricane Katrina and other topics that will be released in its entirety at 5 p.m. today. The poll was conducted by telephone Sept. 8-11, 2005, among a random national sample of 1,201 adults, including an oversample of 200 black respondents. The results have a three-point error margin. Fieldwork by TNS of Horsham, Pa.

However, at the bottom of the WaPo article is this;
The poll was conducted with 1,201 randomly selected adults, in an interviews between Sept. 8-11. The margin of sampling error is plus or minus three percentage points.

A few questions come to mind, why does the WaPo find it necessary to leave out of the article the information about oversampling of blacks? Even though the ABC News article does mention the oversample their number of blacks is different than the raw numbers indicate ( 200 versus 271 ) and they leave out the 6-point margin of error for the black respondents.

And lastly, why did they oversample blacks in the first place? Could it be to ensure that they arrive at the lowest approval rating in Bush's career. Maybe? Ya think?

Looking at a few other non-Katrina questions in the poll, how any sane individual could disapprove of Bush's handling of the economy is mind-boggling! We have an unemployment rate of 4.9%. We have gained back all jobs lost due to 9/11 and added many more. The market is showing strength even in the face of Katrina. The real estate market continues to boom even though the MSM has been trying to kill it by continually predicting the bubble to burst.

When looking further at the economy numbers, 59% think the economy is "poor/not so good" and 40% think its doing "Excellent/Good." But yet when asked about the future of the economy 51% are optimistic and 46% are pessimistic. These numbers are down from 59/41 but that is probably due to the effect Katrina has had on oil and gas prices. Still the economy "future" numbers don't jive with how people think the economy is doing now.

Blanco admits she screwed up, on video!

Go to The Political Teen and see for yourself.

Another great Mark Steyn column

With comments like this how can you go wrong;
I'm often dismissed as a Bush cheerleader, though I disagree with him on immigration, education and bombing Syria. But come on, a guy doesn't have to be great to be better than Nancy Pelosi, the armchair general of armchair generalities.

Gotta love it, read the whole thing here.

Monday, September 12, 2005

Is Chuck Schumer the most egotistical Senator on earth?

Me thinks yes!
One Democrat, Senator Charles E. Schumer of New York, was so concerned with his performance that he held a mock hearing in his office on Sunday, with a Harvard law professor playing Judge Roberts. As chairman of the committee charged with electing Democrats to the Senate in 2006, Mr. Schumer has used the confirmation battle to raise money for campaigns and to solidify his standing as a party leader

Sheeze! The rest is here.

More proof from the Washington Post;
Sen. Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) made 49 first-person references in a 10-minute statement that was, ostensibly, not about himself.

Nice headline from Reuters.

Rescuers collect dead, Cheney sounds upbeat

Oh brother!

Shh, can you hear it?

The thunderous applause that can be heard throughout this great land is the insane and crazed left. The reason? Michael Brown just resigned as the head of FEMA!

The left has done their job and they feel good about themselves!

Rush running audio with Blanco admitting failure to call in military sooner

Rush just played an audio of Governor Blanco admitting back on August 31st that she should have called in the military sooner. Apparently she was in between interviews and was speakier to an advisor or press secretary and was unaware of an open mic nearby. Those pesky open microphones!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sen Mary Landrieu gives a disgraceful performance on Fox News Sunday!

Just view the video, be sure to watch it to the very end and see how pissed off and uncomfortable she looks at the end of this interview. Great job by Chris Wallace! He doesn't give up on the issue of the hundreds of buses that are underwater even though Landrieu is doing the typical filibustering that is done on these Sunday shows when they know they cannot or don't have and answer. Finally Landrieu just refuses to answer the question but keeps saying that the buses couldn't be used because they were underwater, duh! Unbelievable!

UPDATE: Here is the transcipt to the Fox News Sunday meltdown by Sen. Mary Landrieu. Not how Chris Wallace tries 6 times, by my count, to get the Senator to answer the buses question. Six times!

And her comments about the Mayor not being able to get "his people to work on a sunny day" are a bit curious. After all, what does that say about the mayors leadership abilities. And if a Republican had said that I am sure we would hearing from Rev Al and Rev Jackson and Kanye West about now.

Video is available at The Political Teen

Friday, September 09, 2005

Nancy Pelosi nearly has a "Howard Dean moment"

During a live CNN interview with Kyra Phillips on "Live from..." Sen. Nancy Pelosi comes close to her own version of the Howard Dean scream when Kyra Phillips dared ask her tough questions on the fairness of blaming only the federal response, specifically FEMA, instead of the usual softball interview that she was most likely expecting. At first Phillips was questioning her on Scott McClellan's statements today questioning her account of a meeting she had with President Bush where she claims she insisted on Michael Brown being removed as head of FEMA and McClellan's claim that that was not discussed at all, and then it got interesting...
PHILLIPS: But if you, if we go back, I mean, we can go back year after year after year, and we can talk about FEMA and what went wrong within FEMA and should FEMA be under the Department of Homeland Security.

But if we want to be historical here, and we want to go back in time, I mean, we can go back to "The Times Picayune" and the investigation that it -- when it -- when reporters revealed that time after time, monies were asked for from all types of various politicians, of the politicians you worked side by side with, laws that you yourself vote on, and monies that should have gone to Louisiana to take care of the problems with regard to the flood control systems.

And I think it's unfair that FEMA is just singled out. There are so many people responsible for what has happened in the state of Louisiana.

PELOSI: Well, that's true. That is true. And I'm sorry that you think it's unfair. But I don't. I think it's unfair to the people who lost their family members, their lives, their livelihoods, their homes, their opportunity.

And FEMA has done a poor job. It had no chance. It was (INAUDIBLE)...

PHILLIPS: But what about all those warnings...

PELOSI: ... may I please respond?

PHILLIPS: What about all the warnings from the Army Corps of Engineers...

PELOSI: But the Army Corps of Engineers...

PHILLIPS: ... years ago, saying there's a problem with these levees, there's a problem with this city.

PELOSI: Kyra, Kyra, Kyra...

PHILLIPS: It's Kyra. It's Kyra.

PELOSI: ... if you want to make a case for the White House, you should go on their payroll. But the (INAUDIBLE)...

PHILLIPS: I'm not making a case for the White House, by all means, believe me.

PELOSI: ... that the White House has cut this year 72 percent of the request from Louisiana for flooding money. The White House has cut the Army Corps of Engineers by a large percentage in this last fiscal year.

But the point is not to argue about that. The point is, where do we go from here to help these people? The last thing the American people need is bickering right now over this, except to make their rescue safer, to a return to normalcy for them. And (INAUDIBLE)...

It would have been nice if Krya Phillips could have gotten in a few more shots, like the Bush Administration has actually provided Lousianna with more funding than the Clinton Administration did. Or that Lousianna Senator Mary Landreau had a hand in redirecting much of the money designated for levee upgrades to other less important projects. See this article from Michael Grunwald in yesterday's Washington Post.
For example, after a $194 million deepening project for the Port of Iberia flunked a Corps cost-benefit analysis, Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) tucked language into an emergency Iraq spending bill ordering the agency to redo its calculations. The Corps also spends tens of millions of dollars a year dredging little-used waterways such as the Mississippi River Gulf Outlet, the Atchafalaya River and the Red River -- now known as the J. Bennett Johnston Waterway, in honor of the project's congressional godfather -- for barge traffic that is less than forecast.

But she was probably panicking that she wouldn't get anymore Democrats to interview for fear that they would have to answer some actual relevant questions.

Kanye booed. Disconcerting? How about damn fine job by patriotic Patriot fans!

For some unknown reason, Steve Morse of the Boston Globe finds it "disconcerting" that Kanye West was loudly booed during the entire performance of his one song at the NFL Pre-game show.
Maroon 5 came off vapidly (doing just one song, ''Harder to Breathe"), while West did one tune, ''Heard 'Em Say." Yet it was disconcerting to hear his name booed loudly by Patriots fans who evidently didn't appreciate his nationally televised comment the other night on a Hurricane Katrina benefit that President Bush ''doesn't care about black people." The boos were thunderous and lasted for much of his number.

Good job Patriot fans!!!!

NY Times Smears Geraldo

On Monday September 5th Alessandra Standley wrote this in her TV Watch column;
Some reporters helped stranded victims because no police officers or rescue workers were around. (Fox's Geraldo Rivera did his rivals one better: yesterday, he nudged an Air Force rescue worker out of the way so his camera crew could tape him as he helped lift an older woman in a wheelchair to safety.)

However watching the entire video of the rescue (via Politcal Teen) it is abundantly clear to any sane individual that Geraldo did not, nudge, punch, trip or throw the National Guardsman out of the way, he didn't come anywhere near him.

And the NY Times says that they reviewed the video that was sent to them by Fox and sees no reason to issue a retraction or an apology. So now Geraldo is going to sue them. Good!

Katrina death toll may have been hugely overestimated...

We can only hope that the estimates of 10,000 dead by Mayor Ray Nagin may have been hugely over estimated, something I have suspected/hoped for. And so far Ray hasn't exactly been "on" with his statements. The death toll could very well rise dramatically but based on the totals from Mississippi and Alabama so far there is hope that it will be much lower than expected.

Of course the AP finds a way turn this into a controversy as well;

Advancing the notion of a catastrophic death toll may have helped get the attention of Washington, which has being widely criticized for a slow response.


Oh Allah, here we go again...

This is the design chosen for the Flight 93 Memorial to be displayed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. Its called the "The Crescent of Embrace."

Does it remind you of anything?

Here's a hint;

Check Michelle Malkin and the links she has for more...

Thursday, September 08, 2005

Watch it Greg, you're gonna lose your key to HuffPo

Greg Gutfeld asks some probing questions in his latest show of courage at HuffPo. I especially like this;
do you really believe Bush doesn’t care about poor, black people?
-But, then, who really seemed to RELISH the tragedy more?
-or The Huffington Post?

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

You can't be serious!

The 17th Street Levee was bombed by the US Army Corp of Engineers. WHOA!
"The 17th street levee was bombed by the Army Corps of Engineers to save the more valuable real estate in the city... to keep the French Quarter protected, the ninth ward was sacrificed... people are afraid to speak out... everyone who was near there heard the bombings... they bombed seven times. That's why they didn't fix the levees... 20 feet of water. Gators. People dying in water. They let the parishes go, not the city center. Tourist trap was saved over human life.

Oh man! Tin-foil brigade in full swing!

Later in the comments section you can find this;
The 17th street levee didn't flood the 9th ward. The 9th ward was flooded by the breach in the industrial canal. The 17th street canal flooded the lakefront (a rich white neighborhood) as well as mid-city (my neighborhood, which is a mix of rich and white.)

So this idea makes no sense.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Some good news on the oil and gas front

U.S. Appears to Have Avoided Massive Oil Supply Problems
Half of Damaged Refineries Near Restarting
Stocks Rise on Oil Price Decline
Oil prices fall, pump prices seen dropping

No words are needed!

Remind me never to call Sean Penn for help

Sean Penn's Boat Sinks In Failed Katrina Rescue Attempt

Why didn't the feds just take control of the situation?

They can't, that's why. There are procedures that need to be followed. The feds just can't waltz in and seize control of any disaster situation. Here courtesy of The Corner;
The Feds may take charge following procedures as established in the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act. The procedures are detailed in Appendix 5, Section 2 (p. 9) of the NRP: "Immediately after an incident, local jurisdictions respond using available resources and notify State response elements. As information emerges, they also assess the situation and the need for State assistance. The State reviews the situation, mobilizes State resources, and informs the DHS/EPR/FEMA Regional Office of actions taken. The Governor activates the State emergency operations plan, proclaims or declares a state of emergency, and requests a State/DHS joint Preliminary Damage Assessment (PDA) to determine if sufficient damage has occurred to justify a request for a Presidential declaration of a major disaster or emergency. Based upon the results of the PDA, the Governor may request a Presidential declaration and define the kind of Federal assistance needed." Point being, the Feds can't just seize control.

Govenor Blanco and Mayor Nagin

It's beginning to look like the hysterical reporting by the MSM is beginning to calm down and we are starting to see where the actual failures pre and post-Hurricance Katrina lie.

Mayor Nagin was on CNN this morning in a taped interview, he sure has a lot of time to do TV interviews, and in the interview he says that the Govenor of LA and the President met privately on Air Force One on Friday during the President's first trip to the area. According to the mayor President Bush told him that he gave the Gov two options and one was that he was ready to move in with federal troops and relief immediately, the feds were ready to take over the evacuation and relief effort that day but she requested a 24 hour delay to make a decision. She did not want to relinquish her authority. If this is true than the mayor is placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of the state.
S. O’BRIEN: What has Secretary Chertoff promised you? What has Donald Rumsfeld given you and promised you?

NAGIN: Look, I’ve gotten promises to – I can’t stand anymore promises. I don’t want to hear anymore promises. I want to see stuff done. And that’s why I’m so happy that the president came down here, because I think they were feeding him a line of bull also. And they were telling him things weren’t as bad as it was.

He came down and saw it, and he put a general on the field. His name is General Honore. And when he hit the field, we started to see action.

And what the state was doing, I don’t frigging know. But I tell you, I am pissed. It wasn’t adequate.

And then, the president and the governor sat down. We were in Air Force One. I said, ‘Mr. President, Madam Governor, you two have to get in sync. If you don’t get in sync, more people are going to die.’

S. O’BRIEN: What date was this? When did you say that? When did you say…

NAGIN: Whenever air Force One was here.


NAGIN: And this was after I called him on the telephone two days earlier. And I said, ‘Mr. President, Madam Governor, you two need to get together on the same page, because of the lack of coordination, people are dying in my city.’

S. O’BRIEN: That’s two days ago.

NAGIN: They both shook – I don’t know the exact date. They both shook their head and said yes. I said, ‘Great.’ I said, ‘Everybody in this room is getting ready to leave.’ There was senators and his cabinet people, you name it, they were there. Generals. I said, ‘Everybody right now, we’re leaving. These two people need to sit in a room together and make a doggone decision right now.’

S. O’BRIEN: And was that done?

NAGIN: The president looked at me. I think he was a little surprised. He said, “No, you guys stay here. We’re going to another section of the plane, and we’re going to make a decision.”

He called me in that office after that. And he said, “Mr. Mayor, I offered two options to the governor.” I said – and I don’t remember exactly what. There were two options. I was ready to move today. The governor said she needed 24 hours to make a decision.

S. O’BRIEN: You’re telling me the president told you the governor said she needed 24 hours to make a decision?


S. O’BRIEN: Regarding what? Bringing troops in?

NAGIN: Whatever they had discussed. As far as what the – I was abdicating a clear chain of command, so that we could get resources flowing in the right places.

S. O’BRIEN: And the governor said no.

NAGIN: She said that she needed 24 hours to make a decision. It would have been great if we could of left Air Force One, walked outside, and told the world that we had this all worked out. It didn’t happen, and more people died.

So Nagin is saying that the reason for the delay in getting troops in to the region to expedite the evacuation is because the Govenor couldn't make a decision for 24 hours. I also find it interesting how he is trying to portray himself, grandstanding, as the one calling the shots in the meeting with the Bush and Blanco by instructing them to sit down and "get in sync." That is supposedly when the Govenor says she needed 24 hours to make a decision.

Some interesting news from Fox News Radio's Tony Snow concerning when FEMA actually got into New Orleans; (courtesy )JunkYardBlog

"We first got in on Tuesday night," a FEMA pilot, who identified himself only as "Randy," told Fox News Radio's Tony Snow this morning. The 17th Street levee had begun to give way late in the evening Monday. Well into Tuesday, city officials were celebrating reports that the brunt of Hurricane Kartrina had missed the Big Easy.

By the time the scope of the impending tragedy became known, however, FEMA rescue operations were already well underway.

"We were one of two helicopters with night vision goggles," Snow's caller explained. "They wanted to start evacuating Tulane Hospital, which is right next to Charity [Hospital]."

Shortly thereafter, however, the mission ground to a halt. "We were being shot at by various snipers around the city," chopper pilot Randy said. "So the military, Eagles Nest 1, basically called all helicopters out about 10 o'clock that night."

Monday, September 05, 2005

How long before....

So how long will it take before the Governor of Lousianna and the Mayor of New Orleans are held accountable for their failed leadership during this disaster?

Among her many failures, Governor Blanco didn't issue an executive order to use school buses for evacuation until 9/2. She also did not call in the National Guard to help with the security in New Orleans. She has the authority to call in the Guard at any time and did not do it. This woman's performance was pitiful. Someone explain to me why these buses were not utilized on Sunday before the storm hit or afterwards, they were less than a mile from the Superdome. They could have been used to shuttle people out of New Orleans before the storm hit or used to get people out after the levee broke and the water began to rise.

Another look;

And what about New Orleans emergency manager? Where was he during all of this? He is supposed to setup command and control points during an emergency for the federal governmet to interact with. And they did have an emergency plan in place for just such an event that apparently was not activated.

You would think that the local journalists would know about all of this and would be reporting the failures and holding those responsible for their inaction. But no its easier just to do no research or work and join in the chorus of blaming the federal government.

And we all know the leadership and calm that the New Orleans Mayor exhibited. Sorry but he is no Rudy Giuliani.

Like I said earlier, if not for President Bush calling the Mayor of New Orleans and the Govenor of La. on Sunday and insisting on issuing a mandatory evacuation of New Orleans (the first time this has ever been done) we could be looking at an even bigger disaster than it already is.

Do the feds deserve criticism, of course they do, everyone does. They did not react quickly enough when it was evident that the local and state officials were failing miserably. But to say that this all the feds problem and leave the state and local authorities untouched is ridicules. This is a local and state failure and they deserve to be held accountable. I wonder how long until the MSM catches up with some of this.

But no, its all Bush's fault. It's easier that way.

Friday, September 02, 2005

Kanye going Madye!

Watch this, it is unbelievable. This was broadcast live tonight on NBC. Kanye West, you know the "artist" is explaining how things work in the dark recesses of his mind. Poor Mike Myers looks like he wishes he was anywhere but there!

Needless to say, this is not helpful.

The news media is picking up on it as well, see here and here. And now the AP chimes in with its limp response. And we get this from Matt Lauer who hosted the concert/telethon;
"emotions in this country right now are running very high. Sometimes that emotion is translated into inspiration, sometimes into criticism. We've heard some of that tonight. But it's still part of the American way of life."

Hey Matt, how about idiocy, ignorance and racism! Thanks Matt for your firm rebuke of Kanye West. Of course what do expect from a guy who thinks that AIDS was invented by the government. At least he's a good loser, NOT!

NBC has issued a statement;
"Tonight's telecast was a live television event wrought with emotion. Kanye West departed from the scripted comments that were prepared for him, and his opinions in no way represent the views of the networks. It would be most unfortunate if the efforts of the artists who participated tonight and the generosity of millions of Americans who are helping those in need are overshadowed by one person's opinion."

So has the American Red Cross, seems they've been getting a few complaints.
The American Red Cross is incredibly grateful for the support we’re receiving in the wake of the catastrophic events caused by Hurricane Katrina. We want to acknowledge the ongoing support of NBC-Universal, which aired a telethon tonight on behalf of the victims of this tragedy.
During the telecast, a controversial comment was made by one of the celebrities. We would like the American public to know that our support is unwavering, regardless of political circumstances. We are a neutral and impartial organization, and support disaster victims across the country regardless of race, class, color or creed. We cannot, and we do not endorse any comments of a political nature.

And the "looting" and "finding" reference that West made is explained here, too bad he didn't read this first. What a ma-roon!

This could be good news...

According to this report, we have a larger oil reserve than Saudi Arabia does in Colorado, oil-shale deposite beneath federal land in Colorado. Maybe we can use this for oil needs until an efficient and alternate energy can be developed to replace oil.

Study reveals huge U.S. oil-shale field

By Jennifer Talhelm

The Associated Press

WASHINGTON — The United States has an oil reserve at least three times that of Saudi Arabia locked in oil-shale deposits beneath federal land in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming, according to a study released yesterday.

But the researchers at the RAND think tank caution the federal government to go carefully, balancing the environmental and economic impacts with development pressure to prevent an oil-shale bust later.

"We've got more oil in this very compact area than the entire Middle East," said James Bartis, RAND senior policy researcher and the report's lead author. He added, "If we go faster, there's a good chance we're going to end up at a dead end."

For years, the industry and the government considered oil shale — a rock that produces petroleum when heated — too expensive to be a feasible source of oil.

However, oil prices, which spiked above $70 a barrel this week, combined with advances in technology could soon make it possible to tap the estimated 500 billion to 1.1 trillion recoverable barrels, the report found.

The study, sponsored in part by the U.S. Department of Energy, comes about a month after the president signed a new energy policy dramatically reversing the nation's approach to oil shale and opening the door within a few years to companies that want to tap deposits on public lands.

The report also says oil-shale mining, above-ground processing and disposing of spent shale cause significant adverse environmental impacts. Shell Oil is working on a process that would heat the oil shale in place, which could have less effect on the environment.

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