Tuesday, January 25, 2005

"All That I'm Allowed" next single...

Thats right, www.fmqb.com has a radio date of 2/7/05 for "All That I'm Allowed" which should about put the nail in the coffing of Peachtree Road. An excellent album killed by a record company that has no clue how to promote Elton, to say nothing of choosing the correct singles from his albums. Don't get me wrong, ATIA is one of the better songs on PTR, far better than "Answer In The Sky" but it does not accurately portray the majority of the music found on the album. A far better and more daring choice would have been "Turn Out The Lights When You Leave".

It appears Universal has turned out the lights on PTR.

Time to start looking forward to the next studio album, probably due out in 2007!

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