Tuesday, March 16, 2010

That pretty much says it all!

'Pelosi may try to pass health bill without vote'


  1. I saw a lack of responses here so I thought I'd make your day.
    After observing all your copying and pasting tactics, along with GOP talking points, I thought I'd suggest that you change your profile from "news junkie" to plain ole "mind of a crack junkie that lost his ability to think".
    Have a nice life you unintentially hilarious
    Kool Aid drinking douche.

  2. For me, it doesn't say it all. Guess i've been paying attention to the whole deal.

    Remember last November, an election of a majority of legislators. Thats one of those important polls that matter.
    I know when I voted it was in support of comprehensive healthcare reform. Long overdue and in the end, will likely be deemed a remarkable advance for America.

  3. Just like Mass. Just like Canada. Just like NHS in England. They are all so successful. I can't wait for longer lines, higher premiums, higher taxes, oh and 40% less doctors as the New England Journal of Medicine states. What a deal! But hey its not really about health or care its about government control of your life. And correct me if I am wrong but isn't that what all you libs were screaming about GWB? But now with Captain Wonderful you are silent. Like lambs to the slaughter. So inspiring...

    Thanks for sharing...