Friday, April 24, 2009

Good judgment!

Announcing that we plan to bug-out of Iraq looks to not have been such a smart thing to do...

Two large suicide bombings Thursday renewed fears among Iraqis that
Sunni insurgents are regaining strength and lethality as the U.S.
military has started disassembling its massive wartime architecture...

The violent campaign coincides with plans for a U.S. pullback. The
first deadline in a phased American withdrawal agreed upon by Iraq and
the United States comes this summer, when combat troops are supposed to
move out of urban areas. Top U.S. commanders have recently said the
Iraqi government may ask them to keep American forces in cities in
northern Iraq -- where the insurgency remains entrenched -- beyond the
summer deadline. In Baghdad, the military has closed some inner-city
bases and small outposts, but appears intent on keeping American
soldiers at urban facilities shared with Iraqi troops well beyond the

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