Friday, July 10, 2009

CBS News slams Obama and the [non]-stimulus

More not so good news for The One...

The Dicey Politics of a Second Stimulus

Since President Obama signed the $787 billion stimulus package in February, more than two million jobs have been lost and unemployment has hit its highest rate in a quarter century, 9.5 percent.

For Republicans, who have been seeking a message that will help the party regain some momentum, that's the sort of bad news that comes with a silver lining. Members of the GOP have been harshly attacking the opposition party as wasteful spenders whose expensive programs have had little positive impact.

"The administration promised the stimulus would keep unemployment below 8 percent, and they promised the stimulus would create jobs immediately," House Minority leader John Boehner said Thursday. (Officials actually predicted it would stay below 8.5 percent.)

"It's pretty clear now that the administration was wrong. The bottom line is this: The stimulus isn't creating enough jobs," Boehner said.


  1. What is this continued bullshit, and thats exactly what it is, in calling the Pres "the One"" or the other immature words?

    Grow up conservative/repubs! You won't win support and votes by talking/writing crap like this. Think about it.
    You pride yourself as wise patriotic Christian leaders of a free nation, slamming liberals or moderates that simply aren't like you, while you can't control your own loose lips and minds and be just a bit more mature.
    You are already tearing yourself apart figuring out whether to stick up for hard right principals, or losen up the hard line and gain more minds to support you.

    And yes, the American people voted for a man and his administration that will enact new change and be bold with terribly difficult economic troubles.
    And they didn't vote in the other way.....cross our fingers, lower taxes everywhere we can, and hope for the best. Wait for a slow trickle that might work. All these attempts are risky.
    If this fails, we'll live. If we had to pay trillions for 3,4,5 wars we feel are important, we would survive as a country also.
    Some problems are bigger than your billfold and savings accounts. Sick people need a way to get care. That is a right, a human right to be sure.

    I don't see evangelical churches collecting funds so suddenly sick people can pay a doctor or hospital. I'm happy to have strong attempts to shake a broken system, than waste more decades or longer thinking it will all be ok, just keep our hands off, wait and wait longer.
    Should they pay in also? Yes. But healthcare needs massive and disruptive change to make it more affordable and accessible.
    These matters are far too important to be name calling. Espechially words that invoke God, like Messiah and the One. Civil debate and disacussion used to be an american tradition. Now loud-mouthed never ending blabbering and slamming has become a norm. Lets stop it.
    Its time to grow up.

  2. Everything you wrote is bullshit...

    Universal health care is a disaster wherever it has been implemented. Maybe you want the government choosing who lives and who dies but not me. Of course you are a blind follower of the Dear Leader so I am not surprised.

    Tax cuts are the proven way to stimulate the economy not spending...

  3. As for what people voted for, they certainly didn't vote for this kind of change. And the polls are showing a rapid turn around. And what do you say about the latest Gallup poll that says Americans are conservative by a 2 to 1 margin? Not a good sign for The One.

  4. I think we're obviously calling the wrong person, the One.

    The polls are showing frustration. Think some of that is from the far left, who like the far right, are nearly always frustrated and disapproving?

    Tax cuts are implemented to what end? Stimulate spending. Slowly and maybe. The stimulus package
    is designed to be quicker, and also maybe.

    Polls. We know how meaningful they often are.
    2to1...horaay, we're winning, we're winning!

  5. Tax cuts put money in peoples pockets...that they then spend on necessities which in turn puts money in the pockets of businesses which in turn puts money back in the pocket of the government, its vicious cycle...

    Polls shift like the wind...unfortunately for Obama they are not blowing his way right now. And come election day 2010 I don't think this is the trend they will be looking for.