Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Obama bounces first pitch of the All-Star game...

It was hard to see on TV since Fox chose an odd angle for the pitch, maybe they had a feeling....

ST LOUIS — Where did it land? Was it a strike or wasn't it? Why didn't the network choose a better camera to shoot from? Those were the questions that viewers of baseball's All-Star Game were asking themselves at home after Fox elected to show President Barack Obama's ceremonial first pitch at the 80th All-Star Game from a tight angle.

Ruling as a part-time umpire who had a good view from the pressbox at Busch Stadium, Obama's pitch was a no-doubt-about-it ball, even factoring in an expanded strike zone for the Commander-in-Chief. Obama's southpaw delivery landed a little short of the plate, but Cardinals star Albert Pujols(notes) was able to save it by quickly scooping it up.

Earlier on Tuesday, the President said that he planned to throw his first pitch in office high so it'd get to the plate without bouncing, but his control was lacking and he clearly didn't throw a strike like George W. Bush famously did during the 2001 World Series in New York just week after Sept. 11. 

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