Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Is it just me or...

Isn't anybody wondering why Judith Miller is still in jail? After all, Karl Rove gave Matt Cooper a general waiver in order for him to disclose what he and Rove discussed in order for Cooper to avoid going to jail. Well the MSM seems to be assuming or implying that if Rove gave Cooper permission to reveal his source he must have given Miller the same waiver. But yet Miller remains in jail choosing not to reveal her source of the Plame leak, which the MSM seems to think is Karl Rove, or maybe thats what they want everyone to think.

Doesn't anyone find that curious?

Let's suppose that her source is not Karl Rove. Perhaps her source is someone that her employer the NY Times does not want revealed because it could be embarrasing to them or to the Washington news media? Maybe that's why the White House press corp is on a feeding frenzy right now looking to pin the entire episode on the evil Karl Rove and keep the attention off of Judith Miller for fear that someone might actually have an original thought and ask that question. If someone like me can think of this then surely the highly professional and dogged elite WHPC can think of this angle.

It's also kind of pathetic that they would let one of their own rot in jail just to protect someone that could put the WHPC in a bad light. God forbid.

Hey, maybe Judith Miller is her own source? After all Andrea Mitchell confirmed on MSNBC that it was pretty well known that Joe Wilson's wife worked at the CIA so perhaps she is her own source? For God's sake he had his wife's name on his own bio.

Update: Just had another thought, I get them from time to time. Maybe Judith Miller told Karl Rove that Joe Wilson's wife worked at the CIA and recommended him for the mission to Niger. He then mentioned it to Cooper.

Update 2: I guess I am not the the only one, see JunkYardBlog for more.

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