Thursday, July 14, 2005

Joe Wilson on "Today" this morning...what a joke!

In an interview that is a complete embarrasment Jamie Gangel of NBC's Today Show asked former Ambassador Joe Wilson and current liar the following deep and probing questions;

What do you think of Karl Rove?
What does your wife think of Karl Rove?
What does she think of all this week? ( huh? )
Are you a Democrat? (he couldn't even answer this question)
Do you and your wife believe the perpetrators of this will ever be punished?
What do you think the White House should do now?
Do you think even though what Karl Rove did may not have broken a law, do you think from what you know he should be fired?

Wow! What a tough interview. I can't believe that Joe Wilson agreed to put himself through this.

How about these questions Jamie;

Why did you lie when you said that VP Dick Cheney and CIA Dir Tenent sent you to Niger?

Why did you lie when you said your wife had nothing to do with you being chosen to go to Niger when the
Senate Intelligence Committee report says that your wife "offered up" your name (page 39, sec B )

Why did you lie when you told the Washington Post in a June 12, 2003
article that the documents related to the possible sale of yellowcake to Iraq were probably forgeries because the names and dates were wrong when you admitted to the committee that you never had seen the documents (page 45, paragraph U)?

Why did you misrepresent your own findings in the
NY Times op-ed when the Senate Intelligence Committee concluded your report actually bolstered the case that Iraq was trying to obtain yellowcake from Niger (page 49, sec U) ?

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