Wednesday, July 06, 2005

A little perspective on African aid from the NY Times...

The NY Times, of all places, provides a very interesting perspective on just how much of a friend to Africa President Bush reaaly is and how little the previous office holder did;

Those who care about Africa tend to think that the appropriate attitude toward President Bush is a medley of fury and contempt.

But the fact is that Mr. Bush has done much more for Africa than Bill Clinton ever did, increasing the money actually spent for aid there by two-thirds so far, and setting in motion an eventual tripling of aid for Africa. Mr. Bush's crowning achievement was ending one war in Sudan, between north and south. And while Mr. Bush has done shamefully little to stop Sudan's other conflict - the genocide in Darfur - that's more than Mr. Clinton's response to genocide in Rwanda (which was to issue a magnificent apology afterward).

So to those screaming idiots at Live 8 accussing Bush of not doing enough, perhaps they didn't do enough homework on the issue, and does that really surprise anyone? When given the choice of bashing Bush or actually addressing the facts we know what the elites will do.

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