Tuesday, May 03, 2005

The Associated Press, of course! or Reuters, same difference.

It's gotten to the point now that I can read the first paragraph of a story and tell you if its AP or Reuters based on the tone the first several paragraphs. Sometimes even the headline is the tip off.

Iraqi Gov't Sworn in Amid Wave of Violence - example number one, an historic event occurs in Iraq with the first democratically elected government sworm in and all the AP can say is that it occurred before a half-empty parliament.

Alleged Al-Zarqawi Letter Shows Low Morale - this one tried to trick me by sounding very pro-America in the first paragraph. Then in the second the usual content started creeping in and by the third it was back to the usual bodycount scorecard.

Even if Labour Wins, Blair Faces Battle - even the UK does not escape the AP's slanted reporting, check out the first three paragraphs in this article which clearly spells out all of the possible negatives of the almost certain Blair victory in the election on Thursday.

A Daily Look at Military Deaths in Iraq - the headline says it all! They actually do have a body count scorecard, un-@#$%%-believable!

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