Monday, May 16, 2005

So if its not really a retraction, is it still fake but accurate?

From tomorrow's NY Times;

In the interview, Mr. Whitaker contrasted his action with that of CBS News when it refused to back down immediately last year from a report that raised questions about President Bush's National Guard service.

"Clearly it became a problem for CBS because people thought they weren't acknowledging that they screwed up," Mr. Whitaker said.

He continued: "Unlike CBS, we felt we were being extremely forthcoming by publishing all the details and publishing the Pentagon's denials and saying we committed an error. But then it seemed that people felt like we weren't apologizing. In order for people to understand we had made an error, we had to say 'retraction' because that's the word they were looking for."

So I suppose to make everyone stop bothering them over at Newswreck they decided to use the word that everyone wanted them to use, the "R" word. RECTRACTION. So now will all you people just let Newswreck get back to ruining the US reputation all over the world, after all they are really good at that.

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