Thursday, May 19, 2005

Of course its Bush's fault, isn't everything?

Margaret Carlson in the LA Times on the Newsweek retraction:

OK, so the retraction should have come quicker. But now the administration should stop trying to shift blame for the deadly protests to a magazine. It has yet to explain why the Defense Department passed up the chance to correct the source's assertion when the magazine took the unusual step of submitting the report for review prior to publication. The reporter took silence as confirmation

Oh, I get it. The reporter screws up and interprets silence is golden, goes with the story, it turns out to be bogus because the one source backs away, 17 people die. Sounds like the Pentagon's fault to me.

No one excuses Newsweek. But in its long adventure in the Arab world, the administration has hatched few strategies as hollow as holding a magazine responsible for its own failings.

Well it certainly sounds like you are Ms. Carlson, after all if the Pentagon had done the reporters job none of this would have happened. Right? Of course Newsweek can't be blamed, they had the courage to run a story that turned out to be a lie and resulted in 17 people being killed and hundreds being injured.

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