Monday, August 31, 2009

Comedy gold: In 2004 Obama insists people read the bill before voting on it...

Priceless....not only does he implore his opponents to read the bill but he plays the hero for removing single-payer language from his own health care bill in the Illinois state senate when critics called it socialized medicine.  Of course he still found time to trash the critics and insurance companies, sorta like what he's doing now;
...but that initial concern that Senator Ryder said, that original cloud continued over it, because industry, and industry lobbyists, insurance lobbyists here in Springfield had been engaging in such fear-mongering among its agents, suggesting that this was a single-payer bill that in fact a lot of concerns were raised that had nothing to do with the bill that was before the body today. And what I was, what I would strongly suggest is people take the time to look at the three-page bill that is before them as opposed to some of the mischaracterizations (of) this legislation that have been raised by others.

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