Thursday, August 13, 2009


"Death to Obama" Sign Holder Detained by Secret Service

Secret Service now involved

Updated 11:30 AM EDT, Thu, Aug 13

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There were signs comparing President Barack Obama to a Nazi and showing him with an Adolf Hitler-style mustache, but federal officials believe another sign referencing the president and his family went too far.

A man who was holding a sign reading "Death to Obama" Wednesday outside a town hall meeting on health care reform in Hagerstown, Md., has been turned over to the Secret Service.

Washington County Sheriff's Capt. Peter Lazich said the sign also read, "Death to Michelle and her two stupid kids."

Lazich said U.S. Secret Service agents took the unidentified 51-year-old man into custody Wednesday afternoon after deputies detained him.

The Secret Service did not immediately return telephone calls from The Associated Press inquiring about the matter.

Obama was not at the meeting held Wednesday by Maryland Democratic Sen. Ben Cardin.

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