Friday, June 12, 2009

I gotta get me one of them cars...

Crash tests on mini-cars like the Toyota Yaris or a Honda Fit or those golf carts that masquerade as cars known as the Smart show that they aren't all that great in low speed crashes...low speed like 3-6 miles per hour.  From USA Today;
Of seven minis and micros tested in crashes into barriers at 6 miles per hour or less by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety,  none earned the top rating of "good." Curiously, the only one to rate acceptable was the teeny-tiny Smart ForTwo with a total of $3,281 in damage after the four crash tests. Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit, Hyundai Accent, Mini Cooper and Kia Rio all earned poor ratings. The Rio fared the worst and racked up $9,380 in total damage after the four tests -- less than $3,000 below its sticker price of $12,145. The front-end crash alone did an estimated $3,700 in damage. Chevrolet Aveo did a little better than the others, receiving a "marginal" rating.

The bigger question is will you even survive the crash. But hey, were saving the planet so all is good.

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