Saturday, June 27, 2009

Neda takes a backseat...

Sorry Neda, We Have a Pedophile to Worship

For previous generations, the question:  “Where were you when Kennedy was shot” has served as a conversation starter as well as a catalyst for exploration of a shared history.  It would seem that the quintessential question will soon be:  “where were you when you found out
Michael Jackson was dead?”?

For the record, I was at the gym.  Credulous, I trusted that the Jackson story would get a few minutes of coverage before Bret Baier returned.  My jejune confidence that Charles Krauthammer would momentarily be providing commentary about actual news was hastily crushed.  Abstrusely, Fox News brought Shepard Smith in to cover this astounding turn of events.

You know what would be really shocking?  Michael Jackson dying at the age of 87.  That would have been a real stunner, well deserving of the nauseating nonstop narration that should be reserved for heads of state.


  1. For the record, nobody gives a tinkers damn where you were and what you think about mr. jackson. don't take in any media if you can stand it.

    He did a hell of a lot more for this world than you ever will. Pathetic "moralistic" judging will not win you support or votes or readership.

  2. So I take it you fully support everything Mr. Jackson did, sleeping with young boys, hanging babies over balcony railings and so on. A pathetic individual indeed...truly talented and sadly a very very troubled individual.