Monday, June 08, 2009

Jumping from the Titanic in NY Senate, GOP regains control with two Dems switching parties...


Republicans seized control of the New York State Senate
on Monday, in a stunning and sudden reversal of fortunes for the
Democratic Party, which controlled the chamber for barely five months.

A raucous leadership fight erupted on the floor of the Senate around
3 p.m., with two Democrats, Pedro Espada Jr. of the Bronx and Hiram
Monserrate of Queens, joining the 30 Senate Republicans in a motion
that would displace Democrats as the party in control.

Dean G. SkelosGiovanni Rufino for The New York Times Senator Dean G.
Skelos, a Long Island Republican, would likely be the new majority
leader if his party takes control.

It was a noisy and acrimonious scene on the floor of the Senate as
Senator Thomas W. Libous, a Republican from Binghamton and the party’s
deputy leader, shouted for a roll-call vote, while Democrats attempted
to stall the vote by asking to adjourn the session.

All 30 Republicans stood with their hands raised, signaling a vote
for a change in leadership. Mr. Espada and Mr. Monserrate joined them,
each raising his hand.

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  1. Now these guys can't really be considered true blooded Repubs can they?
    Or maybe they've been moderate all along which makes them wishy washy for sure!

    Maybe they hang with the right crowd and become wiser in no time.